Frank P. Moncure Lodge No. 279  A.F.&A.M. Stafford, Virginia
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From the East
I’m not an overly wise man, but I’ve been told the more you put into Masonry the more you get out of it. In this regard, I’m talking about time and effort we give to others being returned in the form of friendship and fellowship. We have all sworn to befriend and relieve every brother who shall need our assistance. I know there are some brothers out there who would really enjoy coming to lodge functions but for one reason or another, they can’t get to the lodge. It seems to me that it would be a very enjoyable and rewarding fulfillment of our obligation to assist these brothers in getting to our lodge functions and back home again. Some of the best conversations happen in traffic. If you are a brother who needs help or one who can offer it, please let me know.
From the South
From the West
Brother William Delaney
Worshipful Master 2017
Brethren: In recent weeks I have been fortunate to be part of two investigating committees. In both instances the petitioners expressed themselves very eloquently about why they wanted to become Masons. They both spoke about wanting to be associated with a fraternity that would help them to become better men in general, but more importantly, better husbands and fathers and citizens. It is especially poignant at this time of year that we all take some time to reflect on why we chose to become part of the Fraternity and what each one of us can do to become better men in our families and communities. Additionally, I ask that you consider how you can be more involved in assisting your Lodge in its efforts to strengthen community ties and grow as a brotherhood. 
Brother Richard Gardner
Senior Warden 2017
Brother Charles Rhodes
Junior Warden 2017
I’m excited and honored to be in the East this year, at the best little lodge in Virginia! One of the things that makes Masonry so fun is our belief and practice of our three main tenets: Brotherly love, relief and truth. To me, brotherly love means that all Masons are equal -- we are all on the level. There is no bias inside the Lodge room. This is what drew me to Masonry 23 years ago. So as we pursue the intricacies of this tenet, this brotherly love, let us ask what we as a Lodge can do for you, our brothers? What would you like your Lodge to pursue in to help, aid and assist the people of Stafford? How can you be a part of that?